Faith in Action Caregivers provides many opportunities for individuals to make a difference in the quality of life for our neighbors in need. Volunteers are needed for transportation of individuals to their doctor appointments, to pick up prescriptions or other short trips that allow our neighbors to maintain their independence. Volunteers can give as little as an hour or two a week in service to others.

Regardless of the amount of time you give in service to others, there are many opportunities to use your gifts and talents. Please join us!


Faith in Action provides services based upon availability of a volunteer caregiver. Services provided include:

  • Escorted transportation is needed for dialysis patients
  • Escorted transportation is needed for an elderly man to get to medical appointments at Wheeling Clinic
  • A woman with vision impairments needs a caring volunteer to read her the newspaper
  • An older woman in St. Clairsville needs transportation to cancer treatments
  • An older gentleman would like transportation to the Kroger once a week
  • Several older adults and individuals with disabilities and disabled individuals throughout Belmont, Marshall and Ohio Counties need transportation for shopping and errands around the first of every month
  • A local veteran from needs transportation to the Veterans van to get to the VA in Pittsburgh

These are examples of needs, please contact our office at​ 304-243-5420 to help your neighbors in need.


To become a Faith in Action volunteer the following qualifications are needed:

  • A desire to serve God and others
  • An ability to work with people in the community whose circumstances leave them with social, physical or mental needs
  • A sincere respect for people of different faith traditions
  • Commit to providing assistance to individuals based on personal skills, interests, talent and time
  • Training Course for Volunteers
  • Provide Faith in Action with requested reports of service and other records
  • Abide by all policies and procedures established by the organization
  • Respect and complement existing caregiving pattern in the family and the community

Every candidate for a volunteer position is required to complete a volunteer application. The application will reflect the individual’s qualification and skills in relation to the specific volunteer opportunities available.

Every effort will be made to find a position for each volunteer that will be rewarding and will meet the volunteer’s interests, skills, experiences, needs, and personality


Faith in Action — three words that describe an organization dedicated to making a difference in the quality of life of our neighbors. These words are what attract individuals to become volunteer caregivers with Faith in Action. Each volunteer is answering the call to serve that is core to the tenets of the diverse faith traditions in our community. It is this diversity that strengthens the organization and what we are able to accomplish together.

Faith in Action embraces the diversity of gifts that volunteer caregivers bring to the organization. We believe that each person has a gift to give. Some volunteer caregivers have a special talent for offering direct support and care; others have a talent for working behind the scenes. Whatever the gift, Faith in Action volunteers have found ways to put their faith into action. Volunteer caregivers bring a commitment of love and compassion to their work. They are empowered by their faith. Without them there would be no Faith in Action.

Volunteers can be of any age. There are many opportunities for youth groups or individual youth from a congregation.

There are many ways that children and teenagers can share in volunteer caregiving experiences and to develop a pattern for their own volunteer service as they grow into adulthood.

Faith in Action believes that it is by the example of caring adults that children and teenagers learn the value of using one’s gifts in the community for those in need.​ There are many ways that children and teenagers can share in volunteer caregiving experiences and develop a pattern for their own volunteer service as they grow into adulthood. We welcome volunteer caregivers of all ages and encourage families and faith groups to consider how to engage all of their members in meaningful service that makes a difference in the lives of others.

While it is in the best interest of Faith in Action to engage volunteers who can make a long-term commitment to the organization and to the neighbors who benefit from our services, we recognize the needs of volunteer caregivers to have flexibility in volunteer opportunities. We invite you to inquire about how volunteering with Faith in Action can help you answer the call to serve in your community and put your “faith in action.”

Volunteers give of their time without financial compensation. Volunteers should not incur expenses other than those involved with the use of a personal vehicle while performing volunteer work for Faith in Action Caregivers.

All volunteers will not accept monetary compensation by a care receiver. If a care receiver offers a monetary compensation for a service provided, please instruct them to send their donation to Faith in Action at 2350Main St., Suite 2, Wheeling, WV 26003.

Transportation volunteers must be at least 18 years of age. Volunteers provide transportation using their own vehicles. Evidence of insurance on the vehicle is required.