Faith in Action Caregivers, Inc. Partner Congregations

Christ United Methodist Church


Purpose: Faith in Action Caregivers, Inc. (hereby referred to as FIAC) values the dignity and life of all individuals. The purpose of the FIAC Partnership Program is to encourage and assist local congregations in living out their faith by promoting the independent living of older adults and individuals with disabilities. This program is designed to recognize local congregations for being good stewards of the gifts God has blessed them with, and to equip them to ‘love their neighbor’ in real and tangible ways.
Vision: FIAC longs for a day when those of all faiths become active participants in a community that promotes the dignity and quality of life of all persons, and particularly among older adults and individuals with disabilities.

We envision a network of congregations in the Ohio Valley working together, giving together, caring together and sharing ideas and resources together as a powerful witness to love of neighbor. We imagine a day when the faithful from all the various faith traditions work together in perfect unity—living out daily our love of neighbor, as well as our love for the divine love that makes us one.

Vance Memorial Presbyterian Church

First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)