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A generous heart, kind speech, and a life of service and compassion are the things which renew humanity.


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Faith in Action -- three words that describe an organization dedicated to making a difference in the quality of life of our neighbors.  These words are what attract individuals to become volunteer caregivers with Faith in Action Caregivers.  Each volunteer is answering the call to serve that is core to the tenets of the diverse faith traditions in our community.  It is this diversity that strengthens the organization and what we are able to accomplish together.

Faith in Action Caregivers embraces the diversity of gifts that volunteer caregivers bring to the organization.  We believe that each person has a gift to give.  Some volunteer caregivers have a special talent for offering direct support and care; others have a talent for working behind the scenes.  Whatever the gift, Faith in Action Caregiver volunteers have found ways to put their faith into action.  Volunteer caregivers bring a commitment of love and compassion to their work.  They are empowered by their faith. Without them there would be no Faith in Action Caregivers.

Faith in Action Caregivers believes that it is by the example of caring adults that children and teenagers learn the value of using one's gifts in the shared ministry of interfaith volunteer caregiving.  There are many ways that children and teenagers can share in volunteer caregiving experiences and develop a pattern for their own volunteer service as they grow into adulthood.  We welcome volunteer caregivers of all ages and encourage families and faith groups to consider how to engage all of their members in meaningful service that does make a difference in the lives of others.

While it is in the best interest of Faith in Action Caregivers to engage volunteers who can make a long-term commitment to the organization and to the neighbors who benefit from our services, we recognize the needs of volunteer caregivers to have flexibility in volunteer opportunities.  We invite you to inquire about how volunteering with Faith in Action Caregivers can help you answer the call to serve in your faith tradition.

A Neighbor's Independence Depends on YOU!