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Not everyone is willing or able to reach out with care to other people. Not everyone can manage the hard work or the necessary learning and skills. Some people simply say no. When we caregivers look past the difficulties of the job and the weariness it sometimes brings, we recognize our deep desire to be of service, to help others. We begin to acknowledge that we stand on holy ground. We know that what we do is more than a job.

Joan Guntzelman, 124 Prayers for Caregivers

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Faith in Action Caregivers provides free services to any elderly or disabled person in Ohio or Marshall County in West Virginia or Belmont County in Ohio. There are no income eligibility requirements. Individuals of all ages can receive services from volunteers who give their time and talents to enhance the quality of life for our neighbors.

Our ability to fill any request is dependent upon the availability of volunteer caregivers on the day and time requested.  There may be times when we are unable to fill a request.

Faith in Action Caregivers provides transportation primarily for the elderly and disabled.  Volunteers are not able to transport individuals who need to get to their places of employment. Faith in Action Caregivers does not own a wheelchair lift van.  Volunteers use their personal vehicles and are not able to transport individuals who can not transfer to a car.

For more information about receiving services from a volunteer caregiver, contact Faith in Action Caregivers by email or at 304-243-5420.